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PARADEA 525-550W
144 CELL

Monocrystalline Solar PV Modules, Bifacial, MBB,
M10 Half-Cell


RELIABILITY IS IMPROVED with minimum exposure to corrosion from sand & salt mist with low risk of module warping & micro cracking

Additional Power yield with 30 YEARS OF PERFORMANCE LIFE with 0.5% annual degradation

TWO PEAK PERFORMANCE TIME, during sun rise and sun set with optimum utilization of dual facial generation

Implementation of bypass diodes in split JB seriesparallel connections enable the module to perform in PARTIAL SHADOW CONDITIONS with respect to fullcell module

Bifacial gain of UP TO 25% with dual glass module, capable of energy generation with both direct and refl ected sunlight

LCOE IS CUT BACK with LESS BOS COST which improves value proposition of the product with competitive ROI

Hassle-free installation with ability to INSTALL VERTICALLY IN EAST WEST DIRECTION, with improved soiling resistant

LOWER INTERNAL RESISTANCE boosts module power helping to achieve minimal power loss with respect to previous variant modules



Spec Sheet Paradea up to 550W

Monocrystalline Solar PV Modules,
Bifacial, MBB, M10 Half-Cell




  • On-grid large scale utility systems
  • On-grid rooftop industrial and commercial systems
  • Rooftop residential systems


PARADEA 635-670W 132 CELL

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PARADEA 580-605W 120 CELL

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