PV Modules

We featured in the BloombergNEF Tier 1 list in the year 2014. We produce high-performance mono PERC solar PV modules in our production facilities close to Kolkata and Chennai, India. With our state-of-art manufacturing equipment from leading equipment suppliers, robust in-house processes and systems to drive manufacturing excellence and a global supply chain and sales and distribution network, we are the preferred choice for products and services with “Made in India” brand at the global scale.

Our modules are known for the following features

Positive power output tolerance (+5 Wp)

Excellent low light response

PID Resistant modules

Product warranty of up to 12 years

Linear Power Output Warranty up to 27/30 years

Industry leading third party validation results

Current annual module production capacity is 2.5 GW

PV Modules Range

- Bifacial Glass-Glass module

Paradea, the Bifacial Glass-Glass multi busbar PV modules are made with utmost precision to ensure LCOE cutback along with less BOS cost improving value proposition of the modules along with up to 25% bifacial gain and additional power yield with 30 years of performance lifetime and 0.5% annual degradation.

Somera Series (5BB Module with G1 CELL)

- Bifacial Glass to Transparent Backsheet module

Prexos, the Bifacial Glass to Transparent Backsheet multi busbar PV modules are comparatively lighter & applicable for rooftop projects with roofing material like asphalt shingle, metal, clay tile, slate, etc.

- Monofacial module

Somera, the Monofacial multi busbar PV modules made with cylindrical tabbing wire increases cell absorption by enhanced scattering effect. Also decline in heat production reduces chances of hot spot generation in shaded conditions, lower heat production positively affects module longevity.

Somera Series (5BB Module with G1 CELL)