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Survey Questions
1. According to you which bifacial cell technology is going to rule the US market in next 2 years?
2. For large wafer size modules, which is the most demanded half cut cell module design for rooftop segment?
3. According to you, what would be the most acceptable solar panel frame thickness for bifacial G-G in the near future?
4. Optimum size of solar wafer that will rule the US market in next 3 years?
5. Within the attributes listed below, which do you feel Vikram Solar modules are better than others?
6. Select any most important criteria that you look for when buying solar panels?
7. According to you what will be the demand percentages of modules packed with M10 & G12 cells for US Rooftop market in next 2 Years?
8. According to you what would be the most preferred module type for US Residential Rooftop Segment?
9. For Bifacial G-G modules which front and back glass thickness combination will be acceptable for US market in the coming years?
10. For US, which among the following is mostly in demand for extended reliability program?