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The Vikram Solar Edge

Welcome to Vikram Solar. We take great pride in being pioneers of the solar energy movement and in bringing to you yet another gift from India of high efficiency and technologically superior modules with quality and customer service that you can count on. Our reliable and bankable products have made us India’s First Tier 1* module manufacturer with a manufacturing capacity of 2.5 GW which is largest amongst all other manufacturers in India.

Our experience and expertise span a repertoire of prestigious solar projects across the globe including building solar plants in difficult terrains, high altitudes and coastal areas. We have helped customers implement supportable solar power solutions, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

At Vikram Solar, we’ve harnessed a combination of manufacturing excellence and superior product performance to bring the world a lifetime of dependable and sustainable energy at huge savings.

why Go Solar?

Be a Climate Change Champion

Massive reduction on CO2 emissions. Create cleaner and greener energy.

Invest Smart

Higher ROI and short payback of 4 years 21 years of positive gains

Increased Savings

By going solar you can reduce your electricity bills drastically.

Goodbye future Rising Costs

A onetime investment in solar protects you from future rises in electricity bills.

Power Cuts are history

with solar, it's always lights on. Solar is dependable and always available.

Solar Homes are high value homes

Solar investment increase the valuation of your property.

It's Time to make a Smart Change

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