Grafton Solar Park & Montpelier Solar Park

Case Study


Eitri Foundry

Project Capacity

8.55 MW Ground-mounted


Grafton and Montpelier, Ohio, USA

Module Type

Eldora Grand Ultima Silver 330 Wp (polycrystalline-72cell)

Connection Type

Grid connected to substation

Technical Specifications

Rated System Power

Grafton: 5,756.52 kWp
Montpelier: 2,790.48 kWp

Number of Modules

Grafton: 17,444
Montpelier: 8,456

Space Coverage

Grafton: 31.2 acres
Montpelier: 12.4 acres

Type of Installation

Ground mounted solar project with single axis tracker system

Project Latitude & Longitude

Grafton: 41°17'43.78"N 82° 0'53.61"W Montpelier: 41°35'5.59"N 84°34'43.94"W

Annual Energy Yield

Grafton: 8,229 MWh
Montpelier: 3,250 MWh


What made the EPC installer decide to use Vikram Solar modules?
Vikram Solar was involved at the village council meetings and proved to be the capable partner to propose feasible solutions to address multiple difficult challenges related to the project.

Any special characteristics of the installation and other interesting information?
The Montpelier site utilizes a few tables of fixed tilt which will be used to compare against the single axis trackers that make up the rest of the site.

Background of the project customer?
Both projects are for municipality owned utilities who look to utilize solar PPA financing to offset some of the costs of their power supply portfolio.


Vikram Solar partnered with Eitri Foundry to commission a total of 8.55 MW ground-mounted solar projects at Grafton and Montpelier, Ohio, USA. Vikram Solar supplied high-performance Eldora Grand Ultima Series modules of 330 Wp each.