Cottonwood Solar Project

Case Study


Greencells USA Inc.

Project Capacity

4.20 MW Ground-mounted


Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Module Type

Eldora Grand Ultima Silver 315 Wp and 320 Wp (polycrystalline-72 cell)

Connection Type

Grid connected to substation

Technical Specifications

Rated System Power

4200 kWp

Number of Modules

13,072 (6,536×2)

Space Coverage

25.19 acres

Type of Installation

Ground mounted solar project with single axis tracker system

Annual Energy Yield

6,720 MWh


Special characteristics of the installation and other interesting information:-

This project is done with single axis tracker system, details below:

  • One axis with +45/-45 degree
  • 12 tables with 1 × 38 Vikram Solar modules
  • 166 tables with 1 × 76 Vikram Solar modules
  • DC-engine linear Actuator
  • Back-tracking feature
  • Self-powered actuator with 40 Wp modules

Challenges & Solutions

The installation process faced many challenges like: hurricanes which delayed the execution process and the perfect accuracy required to efficiently utilize the single axis tracker systems installed alongside the modules, etc. However, Greencells USA Inc. and Vikram Solar Limited worked in a cohesive manner to bring the 4.2 MW solar plant online.


Vikram Solar partnered with Greencells USA Inc to commission the 4.2 MW Cottonwood Project, a ground-mounted solar project with single-axis tracker system at Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Client Testimonial

“There is no second chance for a first impression. Hence, in our first large solar project in the US, we were very particular about proven high-quality standards, extended linear performance guarantees combined with an affordable technology. Our clients have a clear expectation and so do we. Vikram Solar’s global track record and their astonishing commitment from Day 1, left us no doubt as to have found a trustworthy partner.”

Mr. Andreas Hoffmann

CEO, Greencells Group