Community Welfare

"Infrastructure development is vital to the progress of a community. The objective is to transform lifestyles by providing them facilities of growth." - H.K. Chaudhary

Dedicated towards the upliftment of the small town of Bahal in Haryana and its adjoining areas, Vikram Solar Limited undertakes extensive infrastructure development and community welfare initiatives in the region. The idea is to encourage progress of Bahal residents and make the village self-sufficient. In its endeavor to achieve this, Vikram partners with various Government bodies, NGOs and welfare organizations. Touching hundreds of lives through extensive CSR initiatives, Vikram Solar’s spirit of giving back to the society is rightly reflected in the way Bahal has been transformed. Today, Bahal is no longer a remote village in Haryana where basic amenities are a hindrance in the progress of the community. Instead, Bahal is the ‘City of Education’, it is home to modern medical establishments, infrastructure, facilities of earning a livelihood and opportunities of overall progress and well-being. The people of Bahal have access to every amenity essential for their upliftment and each resident enjoys an improved quality of life. Vikram Solar takes pride in how Bahal has emerged as a self-sufficient model village and strives to bring about many such positive changes in years to come.

Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

‘Alakh Gaushala’ – Cattle Shed

Association with NGOs

Other welfare initiatives in Bahal